2020 goals

January 1, 2020

Paper or maybe felt '2020' and star confetti on a wood tabletop.
Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

1. Read 50 books

Inspired by Bill Gates, I'm aiming to read 50 books this year to expand my mind and knowledge. Check out my progress on Goodreads.

2020/12/30: Didn't quite make it to 50 books. I made a lot of progress but then the pandemic distracted me for a while. I got to 31 which is still plenty more books than I'd read in previous years!

2. Exercise 50 times

This might sound really easy, but I'm notoriously terrible at exercising. Growing up, I hated gym and I never participated in sports. I still haven't found anything physically active that I really enjoy doing. Hopefully I'll find something tolerable by the end of 2020, but at the very least I'll try to exercise 50 times this year.

2020/12/30: Sort of made this goal... I didn't want to count my on-off morning bike rides since I felt like they were too effortless to count as exercise, but I definitely would make it to 50 if I did.

3. Visit a country I haven't been to before

So far I've only been to Canada, the US, and Japan. I'd like to add another country to this list by the end of 2020!

2020/04/21: Unfortunately, this goal will be postponed to a later date due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

4. Make a new friend (or maybe a few)

I feel like I've been spending too much time socializing online and not enough time with in real life (IRL) friends. I'm hoping to find a good IRL friend (or maybe more than one) who is not a cishet man.

2020/12/30: It's kind of hard to make new friends when you're stuck at home, but I did end up strengthening and resuscitating some existing friendships, and I'm thankful for that!

5. Sing more and sing better

I enjoy singing, but mostly I sing by myself or at karaoke. I'd like to sing more often, and I'd like to improve my singing as well. I'm thinking about joining the Sing City rock choir in Vancouver, but first I need to figure out if I'm sticking around Vancouver.

2020/12/30: Once again, the pandemic foiled my plans. Turns out choirs are not very COVID-friendly. I didn't make much progress on this goal in 2020, but I did book my first singing lesson (online) for January 1, 2021!

6. Learn more American Sign Language (ASL)

I'd like to continue learning ASL through courses and practice. I'm not sure if I'll get a chance to take a formal course this year, but I'd like to at least work through ASLU's lessons. I've finished up ASL 1 already, so I'll continue from ASL 2.

2020/02/21: Finished vocabulary from ASL 2!

2020/08/17: Finished vocabulary from ASL 3!