ASL signs with fingies that look like feetsies

September 23, 2019

High-heeled shoes hanging off index and middle fingers.
Photo by Andrew Tanglao on Unsplash

I'm learning American Sign Language (ASL), and I'm making a list of signs where the index and middle fingers represent legs. I find these signs are especially intuitive, and pretty cute, too. Let me know if you have any additions (or corrections) for this list.

Anxious / restless / squirmy

The sign "SIT" can be modified to show someone squirming in their chair. This can be used to mean "anxiety" and similar concepts. This sign doesn't exactly mean nervous, it means "restless" or perhaps "ants in the pants."

Source: "anxious" at LifePrint


Memory aid: Think of your feet gliding across the dance floor.

Source: "dance" at LifePrint


The generic sign for jump is to use an upside down "V" to represent what it looks like when a person jumps

Source: "jump" at LifePrint


Source: "trampoline" at HandSpeak


Source: "crawl" at HandSpeak


Source: "kneel" at HandSpeak


The sign for "sit" uses a single motion. This is part of a noun/verb pair. If you use a double motion it means "chair."

Source: "sit" at LifePrint


Source: "stand" at LifePrint

Go to bed

Source: "go-to-bed" at LifePrint

Get out of bed

Source: "get up" at HandSpeak


Seizure (medical)

The sign "seizure" when referring to a person having a seizure, would generally be done using the lexicalized classifier: "SEIZURE." The handshape starts with the bent-V and rolls on the palm twice.

Source: "seizure" at LifePrint

Walk to / walk up / hike to

Source: "walk" at LifePrint


A platform or compartment raised and lowered in a vertical shaft to transport people or freight to different floors or levels.

Regional variation: Canada and U.S. regions.

Source: "elevator" at HandSpeak

Go up/down stairs

Source: "stairs" at LifePrint


Source: "intercourse" at HandSpeak

Lay down

Source: "lie, lay, lying down" at LifePrint

Toss and turn

Source: "toss and turn" at HandSpeak

Pole dance

This was shown to me at an ASL meetup, and may not be a standard sign. It's similar to the sign for mechanic, except the non-dominant hand points up to act as the pole.

Climb (pole)

This was shown to me at an ASL meetup, and may not be a standard sign. It's similar to pole dance, except the V-hand climbs up the pole rather than swinging around it.

Laid out / laid up / wasted physically / bedridden

Source: "laid out" at LifePrint


The sign for "quit" is based on the idea of "getting out" of something. The sign starts with the dominant "H" hand (think of legs) inside the non-dominant "C"-hand. Then you pull the "H"-hand out of the "C"-hand.

Source: "quit" at LifePrint

Ride (horse / motorcycle / vehicle / rollercoaster)

Source: "ride" at HandSpeak

Ariel the little mermaid

This was taught to me by a Deaf ASL teacher in Vancouver, and may be a local sign. The index and middle fingers are put together and "swim" under the other hand which is flattened, then turns into "legs" and climbs up on the flat hand.


Source: "travel" at HandSpeak

Arisen / resurrect

Source: "arisen" at LifePrint

Transcend / go up into

Source: "arisen" at LifePrint

Sleep together

Source: ASL Sex/Reproduction Signs by Jennifer Jambe on YouTube

Swing (as in sit on a swing and swing)

Source: "swing" at LifePrint


Memory aid: Think of the "H" hand as representing your legs and you are "jumping" into something with both feet.

Source: "join" at LifePrint