Energy Efficiency Alberta

Website for the province of Alberta's energy-saving program.



  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JS
  • Craft CMS
  • Twig
  • Vue


Energy Efficiency Alberta is the the province of Alberta's agency responsible for promoting and supporting energy efficiency and community energy systems for homes, businesses, and communities.

They worked with DDB Canada to create a new website.

I was the lead front-end developer on this project. In addition to doing the majority of the front-end development work on this site, I also did some traditionally back-end work such as CMS configuration with Craft CMS.


Fully responsive

I ensured the site displays well at all screen sizes.


I carefully coded the site to be functional for keyboard users and screen reader users.

CMS architecture

I configured the CMS to produce both an intuitive authoring experience for content authors, and data that supports the site's layout and design.

Complex forms

I built out multi-step forms with validation, third-party API integrations, and bespoke form UI elements.

Flexible components

I built out flexible components that could have multiple variations depending on its content and position in the page.


Energy Efficiency Alberta's simplified home page.